Selecting Material

FINDING THE “PERFECT” MONOLOGUE is the most daunting part of audition preparation. I work with students to find a monologue that suits their personality, playwrights that match their style and monologues that showcase their strengths. My collection includes hundreds of monologues that are fresh and never overdone.

I work with students
to find a monologue that
suits their personality…
New York Acting Coaching Monologue Coaching Grant MacDermott

I work with you to find a piece that you are confident with and excited to perform. Between hundreds of contemporary and classical monologues, students leave with pieces that they can’t wait to get to work on.

Building Your Repertoire

IT'S IMPORTANT TO BUILD YOUR REPERTOIRE of monologues. After awhile, many actors get tired of their “go-to” monologue and need something new. I work with students to expand their repertoire with pieces that will round out their collections. Typically, students look for pieces that will compliment their other monologues. If students usually do comedic contemporary pieces, I will help them find the perfect dramatic piece. If a student has a specific audition they are going out for, I can help pick a monologue that will target the desired character they want to play.