Career Consultations

SIT DOWN WITH an experienced member of our team and develop a new plan to take your career to the next level!  The industry is constantly changing and we must adjust to remain competitive in the field.

What we focus on:

Career Development and Marketing

Building your career path; defining your type or "brand"; developing marketing materials that truly represent YOU (headshots, resumes, postcards, cover letters, websites, etc.)

Here we help you specify your career path by looking at all the materials you use in your daily life to market yourself and develop your brand. Everything from headshot and resume consultation to your use of social media and websites is gone over and reviewed by our staff to make sure you are presenting the most authentic and interesting you.

Business Skills and Management

Organization is key in this business. Here we help you organize your time, plan specific goals, and work to bring your marketing plan into the real world. Now that you know what your brand is, you have to find who needs that brand. Who is casting what? What are you right for? Whom do you have a relationship with? How can those relationships best serve you?  How can you meet them? You are your own product and your own business and we hone in on who you really are and what you truly excel at to try to match you to industry professionals and current projects.