Group Classes

One-on-one training is incredibly helpful because it allows you to address solely your own needs. However, rarely do we act or engage in performance by ourselves. Whether in an audition, in rehearsal, or in performance, the ability to work off of and collaborate with your fellow actors is imperative.

New York Acting Coaching is currently offering a Musical Theatre Acting & Audition Workshop taught by Arbender Robinson. For more information or to sign up, please email:

Sometimes we just need a safe space to spread our wings or stretch the boundaries of our talent. It is one thing to master what you do well, but where can you then go to work on building new strengths. This is where the Playground Workshop comes in handy. He we explore possibilities, learn new techniques and push the envelope in your current skillset. What can you do in order to be seen for that difficult role that no one would normally consider for you? How can you make your unique sound or talent work for you in your journey? The Playground allows you to grow in a safe environment.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. All acting is about communication, and there is no better place to study, learn, and begin to master that communication, than in the parameters of a scene. Acting with a partner, learning to take that individual in, and make informed choices based on the material and your partner, are the fundamentals that will be explored. We will explore different approaches to scenes to unlock your potential, and by witnessing your fellow classmates work, you will see the payoffs and outcomes of these varying approaches, techniques, and styles.

This class is a great tool for all levels. Our experienced staff helps you dig deep into and develop the character from your vocal selection. We help unlock and augment your natural delivery and rhythm to give you a truly unique audition. We focus on the arch of the song and how the not so obvious choice can often be the best one. Although new material will be assigned we welcome you to dust off your old songbook to get a fresh take one a piece that may feel stale. Incorporating an element of play regardless of skill level or goal is paramount in this class. This musical theater playground allows students to relax around the idea of auditions and let go of the idea of perfection.

Meisner Technique - beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes for actors who subscribe to, or want to learn more about or immerse themselves in this emotionally driven technique that brings forth a deeply personal performance.

Stanislavski Technique - beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes that explore the emotionally and imaginatively rich life of the magical “if” and the given circumstances of the material.

Mikhael Chekov - beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes that explore the work of Chekov. The layering of traits and character, mixed in with the building blocks of imagination he learned as Stanislavski’s student, this full body technique can put energy into any actor looking to deepen a character.

Shakespeare/Classical Text - beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes that help actors grasp both the language and the concepts of this large cannon of work. Learn how to inhabit these larger than life people and words while delivering a potent, specific, and intimate performance unique to you.

Improvisation - beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes that work with the most fundamental element of our craft. Performance is a series of in the moment choices fueled by preparation and education. We help teach you the tools of an excellent improviser that you can apply to any area of the performing arts. With long form style and short form (Keith Johnstone) we help free the actor to make big, bold, truthful, and interesting choices on and off text, in song, and movement, all for the purpose of freeing your innate creativity.

Acting for film and television can be very different from acting for the stage. The camera is a tool the actor must know how to use.  Tailoring performances for the camera requires an actor’s control, precision, and practice. Using our in-house studio and other resources, actors will be able to practice their scenes on camera with a coach. They will get feedback and make adjustments. Actors will be sent their different takes so they may track their progress and the differences in their range on camera.

For seasoned actors this class is an in depth look at what an audition is. We use both monologues and scenes to cover all the different types of auditions an actor may encounter. We also give our pupils the advantage of being behind the audition table, literally, to understand how the audition room works as a whole. With the added advantage of guest artists from the casting and performing worlds, this class gives  you insight into how you audition and how you can improve.