Private Coaching

Academic Auditions

THE WORLD OF ACTING is becoming increasingly competitive, even in the realm of academia. If you are getting a degree because you want to pursue it professionally or teach; you’re exploring the craft and where it may fit in your life; or following your passion, all programs that provide the excellence you seek are audition based. Here at NYAC we help you navigate the world of academic auditions all the way from performing arts high schools, to Master’s programs.  What are these training programs looking for and how can you bring that into the audition room. How can we capitalize on the skills you already have and improve the areas that need more work.  Lets us help you give your best audition and go into the room fully prepared for anything.

High School

Middle schoolers auditioning for a performing arts high school not only have their audition on their minds but the complex system of choosing and being chosen by a school. We help you navigate it all so you feel secure and informed as your family embarks on this new adventure.

College/Certificate Programs

Most students by now have had the time to foster their love for the performing arts and have more of an idea of what specifically they may want to pursue. We help explain the differences between programs and types of degrees to help you with your audition choices. We get to know you and prepare you for both the performance and interview portions of your audition. We take the approach of making you’re the very best you can be and setting realistic and ultimately helpful goals on where you’d like to attend and what you’d like to pursue.  Many of our teachers sit on the other side of the audition table.   What are we looking for and how can you achieve this?

Master’s Degree

For the professional actor who wants to go back to school, or the constant academic going from undergraduate to graduate school, at NYAC we help the seasoned actor get into the shape they need to pursue the programs of their choice. Our advanced staff will work at the professional and post collegiate level with you to get you ready for the rigor of a master’s program audition.