“Grant is AMAZING! He was patient, knowledgeable, funny, and supportive while helping my daughter prepare for college auditions. His choice of monologues were on-point; perfect to showcase her strengths! Thanks, Grant, for your professionalism, dedication to your craft, and desire to help others succeed.”
Mother of Student

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class, I learned many things I didn't know before, but more importantly, I re-learned a great many things I had forgotten. Your incisive and insightful coaching brought out performances that I felt comfortable with. If you knew me better you would understand how unusual that is. I wanted to thank you for what I feel was a great leap forward in my craft and confidence.”
Monologue Intensive Participant

“Working with Grant has been amazing. With a keen eye for detail (which for us as actors is extremely important), he has helped me analyze my monologues more deeply and through this, I have been able to connect more with my characters. He has also taught me different methods to approach my work and has helped me be more confident about the choices I make.”
International Acting Student, Germany

“I worked with Grant for about four months, on mostly new monologues. He not only found amazing new material for me, but also showed me unique new techniques for memorization and exploring text. I also took his 4 week monologue workshop, which is structured like a masterclass. It was so great to watch Grant work with other students- he truly takes the time to get to know every individual that he is working with, so that he can meet their specific coaching needs. I would say that Grant’s biggest strength is knowing how to push you toward new heights, while constantly ensuring you that you’re in a safe space. It’s scary to get out of your comfort zone, no matter how long or short time you’ve been acting for, but with Grant’s help- I feel that I’ve become much more comfortable exploring new monologues as well as new techniques. My constant struggle, as an actress, is always getting as close to my character as possible, and moving closer to the reality of the situation that they’re in. Going back to the basics, and being reminded to simplify things- even just my breathing- is a huge takeaway that I think about constantly.”
Vassar College, Class of ‘18

“My name is Anthony Stirpe and I am a high school theatre teacher for first year actors. Grant MacDermott has run a number of seminars for my students, and each has been more phenomenal than the next. Grant is a gifted teacher who effortlessly pushes the students to new levels. From movement to monologue technique, script analysis to stage presence, no matter the topic, Grant has an uncanny way of getting the best out of his students. I would highly recommend Grant to any student looking for a truly transformative experience.”
Drama Teacher