Our Services

New York Acting Coaching offers private coaching and group classes for theater, TV/film, musical theatre, auditions, and more. Click on a service for more information.

Group Classes

Rarely do we act or engage in performance by ourselves, and working with fellow actors is vital. Our group classes are a safe, collaborative environment to hone your craft.

Private Coaching

In one-on-one sessions, we can work together on theater & musical theater acting, TV/film, audition preparation, classical text, scene study, and more.

Audition Prep

We can help guide you through the ins and outs of auditions, giving you tools to navigate any audition from both the artistic and business side.

Monologue Coaching

We'll work with you to find a monologue that suits your personality, playwrights that match your style, and monologues that showcase your strengths.

Acting for Musical Theatre

Acting for musicial theatre brings its own additional challenges to the performer. Our expert coaches can help you navigate the path and the stage.


Do you have an audition today or tomorrow? Don't go into the room cold. Set up an AuditionNOW session to have a competent reader and coach help you prepare.

Concert & Cabaret Coaching

We'll cover everything from choosing the right music, right key, segues, and audience interaction to help you create a seamless performance.

Repertoire Coaching

We'll help you find & convey the meaning of the lyrics and music in your song, shaping a repeatably nuanced and fulfilling performance.

Career Consultations

Our experienced team can help you develop a plan to take your career to the next level through career development, marketing, business skills, and management.