A Million “Yes”es

New York Acting Coaching is one of NYC's top locations for coaching on the craft of acting, including monologue coaching, musical theatre coaching, audition preparation, and more.

At New York Acting Coaching, we believe there is no right way to act. We use multiple methods and techniques to fit your personal style and goals. We start with you, not an idea of what you should be.

During our coaching, we take the time to address each client’s particular needs, as well exploring the principles behind it. When our students venture from the comfort of our studio we want them to be confident in their abilities to think on their feet, by providing them with a set of tools, which enable them to be self-sustaining artists.

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Arbender coached my student on his college auditions and that student was accepted into Northwestern's theater program. Arbender's vast experience in professional theater provided my student with authentic feedback, inspired coaching techniques, and real-world advice.

George Meier Chicago Area Director and Educator

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I am a high school theatre teacher for first year actors. Grant MacDermott has run a number of seminars for my students, and each has been more phenomenal than the next. Grant is a gifted teacher who effortlessly pushes the students to new levels. From movement to monologue technique, script analysis to stage presence, no matter the topic, Grant has an uncanny way of getting the best out of his students. I would highly recommend Grant to any student looking for a truly transformative experience.

Anthony Stirpe Drama Teacher

Find Your Path

There are two fundamental truths of acting: the self and play. Who you are brings a fantastically unique point of view to everything you do. And those experiences are what we draw on to help coach you. We use our tools to enhance who you are, making all aspects of you accessible for performance. You have your own path, we help you find it and create it along with you. The most important element of discovering your path is play. All creative work is sparked by a sense of play, a sense that anything can happen as long as you say yes. We encourage you to say yes to all things, exploring everything fully, and embracing what many deem as failure as growth.

Failure & Success

We redefine failure. Failing is the only way to grow. Failing enables us to learn more effectively, and allows us to embrace the imperfect characters we are so often called to depict. Therefore, each lesson and class is treated as a rehearsal. We are not looking for perfection; we are looking to practice our craft.

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I see hundreds of actors as the artistic director of a large regional theatre company. I quickly became a fan of Arbender's acting talents. However, I was floored when I witnessed his teaching and coaching. It’s like nothing I have ever seen before and the results are unbelievable. He was a great asset to our growing training program.

Roy Hamlin Theatre Under The Stars